Monday, July 3, 2017

Secrets in Summer by Nancy Thayer: A Review

Darcy and Boyz divorced due to his infidelity but they were never really compatible to begin with.  Boyz was a uber-successful real estate agent and Darcy is a bookish librarian.  After her divorce and the death of the grandmother who raised her, Darcy moves into her grandmother's old home on Nantucket and begins a peaceful life there as a children's librarian.  She has a new love interest, Nash, and a great group of friends.  The community is smaller during the off-season but now it is summer and the crowds have come to enjoy the great weather.  One of her neighbors happens to be Boyz and the woman he cheated on Darcy with and the other is an older woman with a handsome grandson that might be competition for Nash.

After reading the emotionally charged Human Acts by Han Kang, I wanted something a little lighter to read.  Secrets in Summer did just that.  What a great beach book!  I loved the descriptions of Nantucket and found myself envying the characters for their breezy island lifestyle.  The characters were very interesting.  I love that Darcy is a librarian and enjoys her life with books so much.  If I had one criticism of her it would be that she was a little bit too willing to sacrifice her own wants and needs for those of other people, especially those of the men in her life.  That being said, she was still a wonderful character.  Mimi was vivacious and so funny!  She uses the wisdom that she has gleaned from her older age to help the younger women realize what is really important in life.  I enjoyed the friendship between Darcy, Susan, Mimi and Willow more than I enjoyed the back and forth between Darcy and Boyz but the story itself was very interesting and kept me reading.  This is a great book when you want to read something that is not taxing and won't make you think too much.  It is just enjoyable and fun to read and felt to right for the summer.

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