Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Don't You Cry by Mary Kubica: A Review

Quinn may not be the best roommate to pious Esther but Quinn thought their relationship was great until Esther disappears one day and Quinn finds information that makes her believe that Esther is not the person she thought she was.  Through a bit of sleuthing with a friend from work, Ben, Quinn discovers that there are strange letters in Esther's room, that she plans on changing her name and that she is in the market for a new roommate.  It starts to get really scary when Quinn and Ben find out that Esther's last roommate died of an apparent accident and the family is asking questions.  Meanwhile, there is a new squatter in the house across from the one that Alex and his dad live in.  Lights turn off and on and some of the community believe that it is the working of a ghost.  When Alex investigates, he finds a young woman who acts very strangely.  What happened to Esther and who is the strange woman who lives in the haunted house across the street?

Mary Kubica is a gifted writer and storyteller.  I have read The Good Girl and Pretty Baby and have enjoyed both of them so I knew that I would likely enjoy Don't You Cry.  I am so glad that I read it because it is very reminiscent of the other books I have read by Kubica without being a rehashing of her other book or of any other story that I have read.  Don't You Cry came with plenty of twists and turns but it was a bit slower than what I have come to expect from Kubica.  Still, the writing was superb and the story was exciting.  I thought I had guessed at the ending but I was dead wrong!  It was so unexpected and a wonderful twist.  There is a very strong element of family drama in this novel.  From mothers who abandon their children to substance abusing fathers, the reader can expect their heartstrings to be pulled while also being excited by the story.  I loved the characters.  Alex is such a sweetheart and the strange young woman, of whom he names "Pearl" because of an ill-fitting pearl bracelet, is such a chameleon.  While I didn't like this book as much as I did The Good Girl or Pretty Baby, I still really enjoyed it.  For those who have already read other books by Kubica, know that the suspense builds a bit slower than in her other books.  I think anyone who likes psychological thrillers or mysteries will love this book and should definitely pick it up!

Mary Kubica's new novel, Every Last Lie, is expected to be available on June 27, 2017 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon.

Watch an interview with Kubica about Don't You Cry:

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