Friday, June 9, 2017

The Windfall by Diksha Basu: A Review

Windfall is a classic story of keeping up with the Joneses.  The Jha's are hardworking parents to Rupak, living in a working class neighborhood in Delhi, when Mr. Jha creates and sells a website for millions of dollars.  The unexpected windfall it creates leads to the couple moving to a more upscale neighborhood and Mr. Jha struggles to show off his wealth.  All of the mothers from the old neighborhood vie for Mrs. Jha's time so that they can show off their eligible daughters, in hopes that Rupak will marry one of them.  Mrs. Ray, a widowed friend of Mrs. Jha, also has a life-changing experience from the windfall when she meets an eligible bachelor in the Jha's new neighborhood.

This was a very light, fun read.  It had a bit of comedy, a bit of romance and a bit of culture.  It also contained an important lesson on jealousy and being satisfied with what one has in life.  Mr. Jha spends so much time trying to impress Mr. Chopra that it is hard to imagine that he has any time to enjoy himself and his new life.  He is also very insensitive to his wife's discomfort with their newfound wealth.  The characters were very likeable and interesting, though.  I really enjoyed the story and it was a fun book to read.  I would recommend it to those that enjoy books on romance, different cultures or women's fiction.

Watch Diksha Basu answer questions such as what kinds of books she is reading:

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