Friday, March 24, 2017

I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh: A Review

Since Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl, so many authors and publicists have pushed to have their books compared to the hit thriller.  I Let You Go is one book that does actually remind me a lot of Flynn's novels.  There is the same slow build with a crazy twist halfway through.  It's not quite as dramatic and doesn't have the twists and turns that a lot of other mystery or thrillers do but there is plenty of suspense that builds nice and slow.  The ending shocked me.

Jacob is walking home with his mother from school when he runs in front of a car and is instantly killed after it hits him.  The driver leaves the scene of the accident and the case quickly goes cold as detectives Ray and Kate try to sift through evidence that doesn't seem to be there while having to deal with police bureaucracy and family matters.  Jenna tries to put the tragedy behind her by moving into a secluded cottage near the coast in Wales and tries to resist the temptation of a romantic relationship with friendly Patrick, the local veterinarian.  She misses her son immensely but tries to put that behind her as she starts a new career and spends time with her new dog.

It is hard to write about this book too much without giving away any spoilers.  Just know that there are some pretty shocking twists in this novel.  The suspense does build slowly and can get a bit tedious, but at around the halfway point, the real fun begins.  It was an absolute delight to read on as the psychological nuances of each character started to unfurl.  There is one character in particular that I am thinking about that was frightening in their deranged nature.  The writing is very easy-going and fun to read but there is a lot of police jargon that is hard to read through if one is not familiar with it.  Mackintosh is a wonderful storyteller and I look forward to reading more book of hers in the future.  I was very entertained as I read this book and I would recommend it to readers of thrillers and mysteries but also to fans of women's fiction because of the family and relationship matters that are addressed in this book.  This book could easily appeal to a wide variety of readers.

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