Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Sisters of Blue Mountain by Karen Katchur: A Review

Linnet and Myna have drifted apart due to their mutual involvement in a traumatic event and the untimely death of their mother.  Myna teaches at a community college in Florida while Linnet runs the family bed and breakfast and looks after her retired ornithologist father who is suffering from dementia.  When the geese that draw in tourists start to drop from the sky, Linnet's father has a theory but the local university feels that they can better handle the testing.  The ornithologist that the university sent over to the bed and breakfast works with Dr. Jenkins but is found dead on the property the next day.  What was the secret that the sisters have kept all these years?  Who killed the young ornithologist?  What is killing all the geese and are all of these tragedies somehow tied together?

This really didn't read like a mystery for me.  I would categorize it more as women's fiction than a true mystery.  There are some questions that are raised in the book but it moved so slowly that it felt more like women's fiction or literary fiction.  There were also not too many shockers in the book, either.  The reader is kind of led to the answer to what the secret that Linnet and Myna have kept from the very beginning and there were a lot of hints dropped about who killed the professor.  The characters were not that interesting, with the exception of Dr. Jenkins.  He is such a likeable character and the only shocker in the end is who Dr. Jenkins is and what he really understands about the world.  The story was an interesting one but the story just moved too slowly and the writing was not suspenseful enough to make me want to put this one on my list of favorite books.  It is not a bad book, I was just a bid bored by it.  I think it would be enjoyed by a reader who frequently reads women's fiction and some lighter, less suspenseful mysteries. 

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